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Announcement on the project of "Research, Development and Industrial Application of Low Noise and High Speed Micro Pump"

Our company cooperated with Zhejiang University and Beijing Institute of Control Engineering to apply for the 2018 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award project "Research, Development and Industrial Application of Low-Noise High-speed Micro-pumps", aiming at "project name, project introduction, third-party evaluation, direct economic benefits , promotion and application situation and social benefits, the main completion personnel, the description of the cooperation relationship between the completers, the information of the main completion units, the opinions of the recommending units, the catalogue of intellectual property certification, the catalogue of major papers, monographs, and the certificate of informed consent, etc. will be publicized. If any unit or individual has any objection to the publicity project, it can submit it to the general manager's office during the publicity period, and the situation needs to be reported by itself or signed with a real name, and there must be specific facts, otherwise it will not be accepted. Announcement time: February 3, 2018 to February 13, 2018 hereby notified.

Science and Technology Progress Award-Research, Development and Industrial Application of Low-Noise High-Speed Micro-pump-Recommended Book.doc

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